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C.H. Bull offers high performance, AC-powered linear actuators from Duff Norton for all lifting, lowering, and motion control applications. Duff Norton is the world’s largest manufacturer of motion technology, and the only manufacturer who builds both AC- and DC-powered linear actuators. Their products are famous for their durability, reliability, and superior engineering. 

Duff Norton linear actuators are designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, including lifting and lowering, opening and closing, tilting, pivoting, and positioning. They are complete, self-contained electromechanical devices, with the motor, gearing, clevis screw ends, and, on select models, limit switches all contained in a single, ready-to-use unit. 

We stock Duff Norton AC linear actuators in a range of capacities and configurations. We offer actuators with lifting capacity up to 50,000 pounds and with stroke lengths up to 259 inches. The experts at C.H. Bull can help you select the best AC-powered linear actuator for your needs based on your unique application requirements.

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Whatever your motion control needs, we have the right actuator for the job. Request a quote on linear actuators for your application, or contact C.H. Bull for more information.

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