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Founded in 1845, Alfa Laval Thermal has long been a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers and other heat transfer products. The company invented the world’s first plate heat exchanger in 1938, and has developed numerous other innovative solutions, with over 2,500 patents to its name.

Alfa Laval heat exchangers and related products can be found in heating, cooling, heat recovery, refrigeration, food processing, oil production, and numerous other applications around the globe. The company continuously works to improve their own high performance products to better serve the end user.

C.H. Bull & Alfa Laval

C.H. Bull has been selling Alfa Laval heat exchangers for over 20 years. Our experience with Alfa Laval products enables us to provide the right-sized heat exchanger for any customer application. We will work with you to determine which Alfa Laval product is right for your unique needs.

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