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CH Bull Co. is an authorized distributor of Duff Norton/ CM Engineered products. Established in 1883, Duff Norton, has earned their reputation for high quality, reliable products that meet the lifting, positioning, and transfer needs in various industrial sectors.

Their wide selection offers both standard and custom designed products tailored to fit a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Duff Norton serves global markets as the largest manufacturer of motion technology products world-wide; providing both motion technology and systems technology solutions.

ISO 9001 certified since 1994

Linear Actuators and Other Products from Duff Norton

 Markets: Steel forming equipment, packaging, industrial machinery, electrical & electronics, food and beverage, ergonomics, construction, printing, tire & rubber, paper, metal industries, wood products, metal fabrication and communications, mining, defense, satellite, fine chemicals, food and beverage.

Products: All products can be widely used throughout all types of processes and related industries.

Linear Actuators: Used for opening/closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting, lowering and positioning. Available in AC and DC voltage. Inquire about the complete product line.

Screw Jacks: A device used to apply a push & pull force or mechanically converting revolving, rotating motion to linear. Inquire about the complete product line.

Rotary Unions: Transfers media from a standstill to a rotating component.

ACME and Ball Screws and Nuts:  Spare parts for actuators.

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