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Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral liquid to air, and liquid to liquid heat exchangers provide the only true countercurrent heat exchanger, and heat transfer, technology available on the market today. These high performance liquid to air and liquid to liquid heat exchangers are the ultimate problem solver for extreme process duties, but can be used in any heat transfer application. C.H. Bull offers Alfa Laval spiral liquid to air and liquid to liquid heat exchangers in a range of sizes and capacities to meet your needs.

High Performance Spiral Heat Exchangers

The unique design of spiral heat exchangers makes them the most efficient and most effective heat transfer systems available. Two parallel-wound rectangular channels, one on top of the other in a continuous spiral, provide a true countercurrent flow that continuously pushes the hottest and coldest media in the system past each other in opposite directions. This creates a high rate of heat exchange between the channel surfaces for optimal cooling efficiency.

The rectangular flow path of the spiral heat exchanger provides increased turbulence that allows liquids, fluids, and high-solid-content slurries to be cooled (or heated) with high efficiency. Spiral heat exchangers can also be used as liquid to air and liquid to liquid heat exchangers in columns. The high turbulence also makes them self-cleaning, allowing for minimal maintenance and quick and easy service turnaround.

Liquid to Liquid Spiral Heat Exchanger Applications

  • Product coolers & heaters
  • Heat recovery economizers
  • Feed to bottoms interchangers
  • Sludge digester heaters, coolers & pasteurizers

Liquid to Air Spiral Heat Exchanger Applications

  • Steam heaters
  • Vapor Condensers
  • Overhead reflux condensers
  • Vaporizers
  • Column reboilers

C.H. Bull offers a full line of spiral heat exchangers from Alfa Laval. These compact units are engineered for exceptional performance in any application. We will help you select the best model for your heat transfer solution needs.

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