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Machine Screw Actuators
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Machine Screw Actuators

Machine screw actuators take the basic principle of a lever and multiply its effectiveness exponentially. These devices make it easy to lift very heavy loads with very little force. They provide reliable, low-speed lifting and lowering capabilities, with zero backlash—when your load reaches the desired height, the actuator will hold it in place indefinitely. A machine screw actuator is an ideal solution for nearly any lifting/lowering application.

C.H. Bull offers a wide variety of machine screw actuators to meet your unique requirements. We can also customize our actuators to give you the exact performance and capacity you need. Request a quote on machine screw actuators, or contact us to learn more.

The Right Machine Screw Actuator for Any Task

C.H. Bull offers machine screw actuators in four standard styles: Upright TranslatingInverted TranslatingUpright Rotating, and Inverted Rotating.

Our machine screw actuators are available with lifting capacities ranging from 500 pounds to 250 tons. Based on the weight you need to move and your torque requirements, we can help you find the perfect actuator for your application.

A number of motor options are available for our machine screw actuators. We offer actuators with electric motors, pneumatic motors, hydraulic motors, or, on select smaller models, manual hand cranks. We have motor options to match any power requirements.

Our machine screw actuators are available with a variety of screw end options. As your application requires, we can provide threaded ends, clevis ends, plain ends, or top plates. Optional limit switches are also available to limit the actuator’s vertical travel, either up or down; these limit switches are operated directly by the actuator itself.

We sell only the highest quality machine screw actuators, manufactured from top quality materials. Material options include steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

If your lifting/lowering application requires faster motion, consider our selection of ball screw actuators.

Custom Machine Screw Actuators to Meet Your Requirements

If none of our standard machine screw actuators offer the right performance for your application, C.H. Bull can customize an actuator to meet your requirements. Working with your unique specifications, we will develop the perfect actuator for your needs. Customizable options include:

•    Actuator style
•    Lifting capacity
•    Stroke length
•    Motor type
•    Screw end type
•    Materials of construction
•    Limit switches
•    and more

Contact C.H. Bull for Machine Screw Actuators Today

No matter how large your load or how far it needs to raised or lowered, C.H. Bull can deliver the ideal machine screw actuator for your application. Request a quote today or contact us for more information.

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