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OCS Air Cooled Oil Coolers

OCS air cooled oil coolers deliver high powered, high performance custom cooling solutions for industrial machinery and equipment. These large-scale custom cooling solutions can handle huge heat exchanger sizing loads and can be customized to meet your unique air cooled systems requirements. C.H. Bull has the OCS air cooled oil cooler you need to keep your machines running at optimum levels.

OCS High Powered Industrial Oil Coolers

C.H. Bull is an authorized distributor for Young Touchstone, a leader in the design and manufacturing of heat transfer solutions technology for over five decades. Young Touchstone’s OCS air cooled oil coolers feature patented components and are manufactured using proprietary techniques that guarantee exceptional performance in high pressure, high heat applications. They are the best performing, most reliable, and longest lasting industrial oil coolers available today.

Instead of industry-standard copper tubes, OCS air cooled oil coolers are built with steel tubes in their core construction. The steel tubes are mechanically expansion bonded to the core’s aluminum fins; solder-free core construction ensures leak-free performance. High pressure round tubes, plates, fins, and I-form fin collars provide maximum heat transfer and superior strength.

OCS Air Cooled Oil Cooler Applications

  • Lube oil cooling
  • Hydraulic circuits
  • Reduction gearing
  • Marine Transmissions
  • Torque converters
  • Process cooling

Increased Heat Transfer Capabilities

Young Touchstone’s OCS air cooled oil exchangers include the patented Turbulator device, which gives them 100% greater heat transfer capabilities compared to most other commercially-available oil coolers. The Turbulator also eliminates laminar oil flow for increased efficiency.

A full line of standard models are available, with 400°F maximum operating temperature and thermal horsepower rates up to 630 HP (470 kW). Every OCS unit is pressure rated to 200 PSI, and factory pressure tested to 300 PSI. Single- and 3-phase electric motors are available for all OCS models. External fan drives are available for remote operation. To improve corrosion resistance, heresite or epoxy coatings can be applied to the core upon request.

For smaller-scale custom cooling solutions applications, we also offer Young Touchstone OCH air cooled oil exchangers.

Customized Air Cooled Oil Coolers

In addition to standard oil coolers, C.H. Bull also provides customized air cooled oil coolers to meet our customers’ heat transfer solutions requirements. Based on your heat exchanger load, we can provide an oil cooler with a motor and fan sized to your needs, or we can assemble a parallel unit with multiple OCSs to provide even greater cooling capacities. C.H. Bull also provides custom motor mounts and bases, and unique sound-dampening features to minimize noise. C.H. Bull has the know-how and the custom cooling solutions expertise to deliver the perfect air cooled oil cooler for any application.

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Make us your first choice for your standard and custom OCS air cooled oil cooler needs. Request a quote today or contact C.H. Bull for more information.

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