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Fixed Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers
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Fixed Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers

For MRI and other medical imaging systems, large marine engines, mining operations, hydraulic systems, hot tubs, or any other application where high-temperature liquids need to be cooled to maintain performance, you need a fixed tube bundle heat exchanger. These units quickly and efficiently cool heated fluids and can handle substantial BTUs. C.H. Bull is your #1 source for fixed tube bundle heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions.

Efficient, Effective Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Sometimes called liquid-to-liquid or shell-and-tube heat exchangers, the only significant difference from one model to the next is size. We offer standard models with tubes as large as 6” in diameter, as well as custom heat exchangers sized to meet your requirements. If you know your heat load and your water flow rates, we can create a custom heat transfer solution system that’s just right for your application.

With carbon steel or stainless steel heat exchanger shell options and copper or cupronickel tubes, our fixed tubed bundle heat exchangers are highly durable and corrosion resistant. Even when constantly exposed to the elements on the roof of your facility, these units will deliver many years of reliable service.

No matter the heat exchanger sizing or how many BTUs you’re dealing with, C.H. Bull can provide the perfect heat exchanger & heat transfer solutions for your needs.

Applications for Fixed Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers

These devices are exceptionally versatile, and will deliver superior performance in essentially any application involving high temperature liquids. Fixed tube bundle heat exchangers are commonly used to cool:

•    Groundwater heat pumps
•    Laser cutting machines
•    MRI, X-ray, and other medical imaging systems
•    Marine engines & machinery
•    Food & beverage processing equipment
•    Large, low pressure hydraulic systems
•    Power generation equipment
•    and much more

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