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Mechanical Actuators
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Mechanical Actuators

The applications for mechanical actuators are all but limitless. Common uses include opening doors and lifting loads, but C.H. Bull has provided mechanical actuator systems for a variety of specialized tasks, including:

•    Lifting and lowering hoods on fryers in restaurants—requiring multiple, perfectly synchronized actuators working together
•    Moving computer chips through manufacturing lines, which necessitated special chrome-plated, cleanroom-ready actuators
•    Pressing wine through filters as part of the vinting process; these mechanical actuators hold their position for a set time, then reset automatically for the next batch
•    Elevating sections of theater stages for various productions, using multiple ball screw actuators and powerful-yet-quiet electric motors

No matter what sort of automated motion you need, C.H. Bull can provide the perfect mechanical actuator system.

A History Built on Mechanical Actuators

The C.H. Bull Company got its start selling Buddha engines and mechanical jacks (predecessors to modern mechanical actuators) to the railroad industry in the 1930s. Buddha eventually got out of the mechanical actuator market, but we’ve been selling these versatile products ever since. In the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, we established ourselves as one the top mechanical actuator distributors in the United States.

C.H. Bull knows mechanical actuators better than anyone else in our industry. We offer reliable, high performance models from Duff Norton and Simplex. Our inventory includes machine screw actuatorsball screw actuators, and linear actuators. Mechanical actuators can range in size from small, 200 lbs. units to massive, 100+ ton systems, and their screw mechanisms can vary from 1” in length to over 50 feet. Most models are powered by electrical motors; we also offer hydraulically-powered actuators and basic models powered by manual handwheels.

The Right Actuator for Your Application

To get the most out of your mechanical actuator, several factors must be considered:

•    How heavy is the load it will be moving?
•    How long will it be in use? (daily and overall)
•    How many cycles must it complete? (daily and overall)
•    Light, medium, or heavy duty?
•    What screw length is required?

Our expert team will help you select the right style, size, screw length, and power source for your application.

We can also provide customized mechanical actuators with a variety of special features to meet your unique requirements.

Contact C. H. Bull for Mechanical Actuators, Machine Screw Actuators, and More

C.H. Bull are the mechanical actuator experts. Request a quote today, or contact us for more information.

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