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F Heat Exchanger

C.H. Bull offers Young Touchstone’s model F heat exchangers for a variety of cooling requirements. Young Touchstone heat exchangers feature multi-pass, close-packed construction that permits a reduction in cooling liquid requirements and allows for easy cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Model F fixed tube bundle heat exchangers are pressure rated to 150 PSI for the shell and tubes, and have a maximum working temperature of 350°F. They feature sturdy construction, with cast iron class 30 and copper materials; copper nickel options are available for improved corrosion resistance in harsh working environments. 

Tubes are high temperature bonded into the headers, which allows for minimum tube pitch and a greater number of tubes. This maximizes the cooling surface area per unit volume of space. Bonnets provide smooth flow with minimum impact on tube ends and tube sheets.

Young Touchstone model F heat exchangers are ideal for a broad range of applications, from cooling engine jacket water, lube oil, or hydraulic fluid to heating and cooling process fluids.

C.H. Bull also offers product customization to modify F heat exchangers and other products to better address your unique needs. Contact us with your custom requirements. 

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